Final Presidential Debate 2012: The Tranquilizer in Boca Raton

  • Can’t we all just get along?
  • China is bad!
  • I agree with everything the President has done, but I would have done it sooner and better.
  • The military had more horses in 1916.
  • Let’s take a step back and view the bigger picture that America can’t lead from behind if we don’t fix the economy and get really high paying jobs for everybody and Obama-care is repealed and we start loving Jesus more.

My opinion, as an independent observer, is that there is a chance that either Mittens or Obama will win, and it won’t much matter who.

Man Tortured To Death In America

I somehow didn’t catch this when it happened. An American citizen tortured to death by American police on American soil. No accountability so far, nobody even disciplined. Not a slap on the wrist of the people who peppersprayed a naked, bound and gagged man to death. Police state anyone? Start stocking up for the policeocalypse. No fucking joke.

EDIT: The owned of the video took it down, but essentially yet another example of the police using unbelievably excessive force to the point where a suspect got killed.