Språket I Fare!

Norsk språk i fare: Sosiale mediers påvirkning

Det norske språket har definitivt opplevd en forringelse i sin skriftlige form etter fremveksten av internettet og da spesielt sosiale medier. Dette har vært et stadig økende problem i de senere år, og flere årsaker kan identifiseres.

Svikter det norske utdanningssystemet?

En av hovedårsakene er det sviktende utdanningssystemet som ikke lenger stiller krav til barn og ungdom når det kommer til å mestre det norske språket. Det virker som om mange ungdommer ikke lenger har de nødvendige grunnleggende ferdighetene når det kommer til å uttrykke seg skriftlig på norsk. I stedet ser vi stadig flere eksempler på dårlig grammatikk, stavefeil og manglende evne til å formulere seg klart og presist.

Politikere og språket: Er det et problem?

Politikerne er også skyldige i denne utviklingen. I stedet for å fokusere på å ivareta samfunnet og fremme et høyt nivå av norsk skriftlig kommunikasjon, ser vi stadig flere eksempler på politikere som er mer opptatt av sin egen makt og prestisje. Dette fører til en neglisjering av språket og den norske kulturarv.

Wokisme-ideologiens innvirkning på norsk språk og kultur

En annen faktor som bidrar til forringelsen av det norske språket er den stadig økende wokisme-ideologien som skyller over landet vårt. Dette fenomenet har blitt en farlig og nedbrytende kraft i samfunnet og fører til en økende polarisering og en nedvurdering av det norske språket og kulturen. Dette kan føre til en svekkelse av den norske kultur og en forverring av vårt felles språk.

Knut Hamsuns perspektiv på det norske språket i dag

Knut Hamsun, en av Norges mest kjente forfattere og ordkunstnere, uttalte seg i 1905 i boken “Sproget i fare” om det norske språkets utvikling og tilstand på den tiden. Det var en tid hvor han mente at det norske språket var i fare på grunn av en sterk påvirkning fra dansk og tysk. Det kan virke som om Hamsuns bekymringer om det norske språket fortsatt er aktuelle i dag. Det er på tide at vi tar tak i denne utfordringen og begynner å fokusere på å bevare og styrke vårt eget språk.

Hvordan kan vi bevare og styrke norsk språk?

I dagens samfunn er det vanskelig å unngå internett og sosiale medier. Men vi kan gjøre en innsats for å ivareta det norske språket ved å fokusere på å øke vårt eget kunnskapsnivå og bevissthet om språket. Vi kan også begynne å stille krav til oss selv og andre når det kommer til å bruke korrekt norsk i skriftlig kommunikasjon. Dette kan bidra til å sikre at det norske språket fortsatt er levende og blomstrende i årene som kommer.

Så, la oss stå sammen for å bevare og styrke vårt felles språk!

Something I Read On The Internet

NATO’s policy of expansion in the East over decades in the face of explicit Russian protests and warnings of potentially dire consequences, eventually drove international tensions up to the point where a Russian military intervention inside Ukraine’s borders was unavoidable.

If you’re going to blame Putin, then you must also blame NATO and its Sec. Gen. Herr Stoltenberg; the UK and its then-PM Mr BJ; the EU and its Madame Ursula; the USA and its varying presidents including Obama and Biden; plus all the non-governmental actors of the World Economic Forum, such as Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros et.al., as well as the multitude of bought-and-paid-for Main Stream Media talking (but not thinking) heads (including those of state-owned Norwegian propaganda outlet NRK).

OGNDY Makes Poetry – The Ballad Of Debbie Fry – Draft

© OGNDY March 2023

Debbie strong, Debbie rules
Debbie take no shit from fools
Debbie got her own agenda
Even when she’s on a benda

Jeepster on the cross repenta!*

Debbie fuck whom Debbie please
Boy or girl just fine with her
Bats and pigs, ungodly sleaze
Yeast infection, princely piss

Who gives a fuck, it’s only jizz!*

Günter, glieben, tittie squeeze
Stranger pride gone off the ride
Agents of the pungent cheese
You can run, but you can’t hide!

Clever line that rhymes with hide!*

Speech is action, hate and greed
1st and 2nd reimagined
Skin of color, skin of bleach
Herr Präsident: we must impeach!

Clever line that rhymes with peach!*

Debbie fearful, Debbie blue
Debbie sad the world came true
She no wanna play more ball
Debbie say go fuck y’er all!

Final line that rhymes with small!*

* Bold italics: Instruments cut out. Deep growl, spoken. Plenty echo. Rinse, repeat.

NOTE: There’s a rhythm and a groove going on that I don’t know how to annotate (it’s a heavy blues tune). Hang in there and I’ll put up a demo. Or die trying.

Lars vs Rob?

Choosing a name for a child is an important decision for parents, and it’s a choice that will stick with the child for the rest of their life. While there are many great names to choose from, there are some that stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 reasons why Lars is a better name than Rob.

  1. Lars is unique: While Rob is a common name, Lars is not as commonly used, making it a unique and interesting choice for a child’s name. This can make a child feel special and stand out in a positive way.
  2. Lars is easier to pronounce: Rob can be pronounced in multiple ways, including “Rob” and “Robb”. On the other hand, Lars is typically pronounced the same way, making it easier for others to pronounce and remember.
  3. Lars has a Scandinavian origin: Lars is a name that has Scandinavian roots, which can give it a cultural significance for families with Scandinavian heritage or those who appreciate the Scandinavian culture.
  4. Lars has a strong meaning: Lars means “victorious” in its Scandinavian origin. This can be a meaningful name for parents who want their child to have a name that reflects strength and resilience.
  5. Lars is a cool name: Let’s face it, Lars is a pretty cool name. It has a certain edginess and uniqueness that can make it stand out and be memorable.
  6. Lars is a musician’s name: There are many musicians named Lars, including Lars Ulrich from Metallica and Lars Frederiksen from Rancid. This can make it a cool choice for parents who are music lovers.
  7. Lars is a literary name: Lars is also a name that has appeared in literature, such as in the novel “Lars the Polar Bear” by Hans de Beer. This can give the name a literary and intellectual flair.
  8. Lars is a modern name: While Rob is a classic name, Lars is a more modern choice. This can make it appealing for parents who want a name that feels fresh and contemporary.
  9. Lars is a versatile name: Lars can be paired with a variety of middle names and surnames, making it a versatile choice for parents who want to get creative with their child’s name.
  10. Lars is a name that ages well: Lars is a name that can work well for a child, a teenager, and an adult. It’s a timeless choice that can grow with the child throughout their life.

In conclusion, while Rob is a great name, there are many reasons why Lars is a better choice for parents looking for a unique, strong, cool, and versatile name for their child.

Apps, Software & Websites I Use For Learning Guitar

Intonating Your Guitar

I called BS about intonation best practices, but i was WRONG!

Everybody on the Interwebs talk about the importance of intonating your guitar in the playing position, rather in the supine, workbench, setup position, ‘cuz gravity (#LOL). I always called BS on this, because how could a 90-degree rotation of the instrument at the same altitude above sea-level possibly affect the sound of strings? Am-I-Rite?!? I’m wrong!

Scientific tests performed by Yours Truly confirm that there is a very noticeable difference in the position of the instrument that translates to how clean the notes sound, and if you intonate your instrument in the “setup” position, you’re doing yourself a disservice, and your sound will suffer! #TrustMe

Intonating an electric guitar

Intonation; simple, but not as easy as you might think.

OGNDY plays Be My Lover by Alice Cooper, April 13 2022

The first song I ever learned on guitar. Only 3 chords, and proudly performed for the entire neighborhood in a 3-mile radius all the way (at least!) to Hellerud Matsenter. @FrankHopka might remember that particular moment in history. It didn’t sound anything like this, as I may have picked up a thing or three in the last half-century. Apologies for the sloppy lead as I only re-learned it yesterday. Enjoy! #AliceCooper #Killer #BeMyLover #OGNDY

Felines For Ukraine

There’s fuckery going on with access to RT. Play around with the URL and your browser settings to view the website.

The International Feline Federation (FIFe) has slapped Russian-owned cats with with a sanction banning them from competing in its shows in response to #Russia‘s invasion of #Ukraine.

Yup, that’ll tell #Putin. I had three cats from a local shelter in Norwalk, CT, for almost 20 years, of mixed race, at least 50% #RussianBlue. I spoiled them rotten, feeding them human grade raw chicken on a daily basis. I must be a colluder of sorts, possibly on a #CIA watch-list; one of the deplorables, for sure. Seriously, of all the stupid shit people do to signal their virtue, this has got to be the stupidest.

This post may be taken down without notice, since I’m using Russia Today as a source. Disclaimer (as if I need one): NOT SHILLING FOR FUCKING #PUTIN, but when propaganda is the (almost) exclusive source of information offered to the public (#sheeple, #NRK, #Norwegians, #DAX18), somebody has to take a principled stand. Stay tuned for my next update brought to you from Guantanamo Bay. #LetsGoBrandon!

A picture of Dingo (RIP, buddy!), a mixed-breed Russian Blue feline (the only pic I had handy), now discriminated against by FIFe.

Top Five National Anthems of the World

Disclaimer: Yes I am biased, but I’ve tried to set my personal feelings aside as much as I can. I’ve graded based on gravitas, solemnity, ability to invoke patriotic feelings etc. I’ve also tried to exclude political affinity and my own national pride(s). E.g. I have serious issues with the UK’s lyrics, yet I rate the song highly.

#1. The Russian (Soviet) National Anthem. I don’t understand a word they sing, but the song, particularly when paired with the imagery of WWII (which the Soviet Union bore the brunt of, at the very least in terms of casualties, in the fight against Germany), is extremely powerful. For this purpose I don’t give a fuck about Stalin’s nasty side. An indisputable #1.
#2. The Norwegian National Anthem: Yes, I’m heavily biased, but, this version at least (choir only, no pompous orchestral arrangements), elevates the song to a clear 2nd place IMO. It’s not so much about being the best in the world as it is about prevailing in the face of overwhelming adversity, and is indicative of the spirit that gives Norwegians the honor of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the world (as laughable as that has become since giving it to the war-chieftain-in-command Barack Hussein Obama). To me it’s goose-bump inducing as fuck. If you have no connection to Norway, your mileage may vary.
#3. The UK National Anthem. As I indicated, I have serious issues with the worship of a monarch, but the tune succeeds in evoking nationalistic feelings of superiority, which I guess is the intention when you’re a world power in serious decline, but still harbor delusions of grandeur on the global stage (I speak from a position of having observed Brits in their natural habitat for quite some time). The pomposity and arrogance has no match.
#4/#5. I’m splitting this one between Germany and the USA. Germany, if they hadn’t chickened out and changed the “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” bit cuz national guilt, would have edged ahead of the Yanks, perhaps even the Brits. The ‘muricans (again, I’m biased, this being my song) get less love than the others because it’s a tad show-tuney in a cocky/NKOTB kinda way (lacking in gravitas). I know from personal experience that Americans are quite rabid about their national anthem, playing/singing it at all sorts of events that the rest of the world finds curious, equating standing with your hand on your heart, stonefaced, at a baseball game while some pop star with piss-poor pitch belts out the song, with patriotism. Perhaps a sign of a young nation’s insecurity in manifest destiny and American exceptionalism.
I’m sure there are many great national anthems I haven’t even heard of. Please point them out to me as I’m always eager to learn. (The Swedish and Danish national anthems are jokes, BTW, as is the Sámi soga lávlla & the new-fangled Black national anthem in America. I feel that needed to be said.)
I hope sincerely that the British and Norwegian monarchies (along with any other such idiocy, wherever it may manifest itself) die out when the current monarchs, queen Elizabeth and king Harald, die, as it is my firm belief that monarchism in the 21st century is an anachronistic abomination, and anyone who doesn’t see the absurdity of a hereditary Head of State dynasty is blind, dazed and confused beyond reason.

Polet Vurderer Å Fjerne Treliters Papp-Vodka

Vodka, det er fali’ det.

Men hvorfor? Hadde det ikke vært bedre, og i forbrukerens (deg og meg, det norske folks) beste interesse å avskaffe monopolet og la markedskreftene rå? Hva er Statens (legitime) interesse i å regulere hva vi kan kjøpe, hvor og når vi kan kjøpe det, og hva det skal koste? Rasjoneringstida etter krigen er over og vi lever ikke i Sovjet-Unionen, så svaret skulle være enkelt.

Monopoltyranniet vil ikke at du skal had det, Kjøp mens du kan. Eller brenn skjøl…