Afghanistan Fuckup

Russell Brand has matured. Can’t really disagree with him if you have a functioning brain. He also has really nice teeth for a former heroin addict. I said it from day one back in 2001 when I could see the smoke of the Towers from my house in Connecticut; follow the money. Five presidents in a row have fucked it up while five government military contractors have made billions in profit on the back of American taxpayers, leaving tens of thousands American and allied troops and possibly hundreds of thousands of Afghans rotting in their wake. And of all these presidential sinners Trump is the least culpable, yet he’s the one that gets impeached. Twice. Go figure…

EDITED TO ADD: I must have been drunk when I wrote this post, seemingly endorsing Russel Brand’s views unconditionally. While I agree with many of the points he makes, let there be no misunderstanding: The US had every right in the world to go into Afghanistan after 9/11. Not punishing the murder of 3,000 Americans by barbaric cave dwellers with the blessing of the Taliban would have been disgraceful.

Stavanger Aftenblad Sensurerer

Min kommentar:

“Det vil dessverre fortsatt overraske mange at Koranen ikke foreskriver noen straff med menneskelige hender for dem som spotter islam. Isteden maner den gang på gang til å vise tålmodighet.”

Jeg har ikke lest Koranen, men tar deg på ditt ord at du siterer den korrekt. Det er vel ikke selve boka Sian og deres sympatisører har problemer med (jeg kjenner svært lite til Sian og stiller meg for øyeblikket nøytral til deres ideologi). Men vi husker alle hva som skjedde etter publiseringen av Salman Rushdies Sataniske Vers og de danske karikaturene av Muhammad (saw).

Historien er full av folk som tolker både Bibel og Koran til eget forgodtbefinnende, både på godt og vondt, men det skal godt gjøres å fornekte at per 2021 så er Islam og dens hellige bok Koranen den farligste og dødeligste religion/tekst enten de nå tolkes “feil” eller “riktig” (No true Scotsman problemet). Ytterligere eksempler enn de jeg allerede har nevnt skulle være unødvendig.

Jeg antar at det er frykten for at den negative siden av Islam skal slå rot i Norge som motiverer mange nordmenn i protest. Om denne frykten er velbegrunnet tar jeg ikke stilling til her. Jeg vil bare fylle ut det som artikkelforfatteren har utelatt for å skape et mer helhetlig bilde.

Non-Pollyannish Thoughts On Suicide

This just popped into my head as a result of hearing about the spike in suicides correlating with the ravages of Covid-19 in America.

People commit suicide to make the pain stop. Physical pain, emotional pain. Any kind of pain you can think of. When you kill yourself the pain stops, so one might argue that suicide is a rational impulse under certain circumstances (let’s disregard the pain that is inflicted upon those left behind for now, just to make this discussion easier, but I’m not unaware of it).

So the pain stops, mission accomplished, right? Well, no. Because you will no longer be around to enjoy any relief. There is no relief. You have merely gone back to the state you were in before you were conceived; that of non-existence, and for millennia the world progressed just fine without you (debatable, I know).

I fully understand that there are conditions one can encounter in life that appear intolerable and that ending your life seems like a perfectly rational decision. Just take a moment to consider those left behind.

If at the end of the day you come out in favor of ending it all, I shall not judge you. Suicide can be an act of cowardice and also a noble act. It may even offer comfort in that your existence in the grand scheme of things plays an infinitesimally insignificant role in the daily business of the Universe. You will be forgotten in the blink of an eye after your last synapse has fired.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

Happy International Workers’ Day

WikiLeaks have just released an email dump confirming that according to Common Sense (a book you should have read in high school), presidential fiat, and the word of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, it’s better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick in times like these.

China, in a secret agreement with Canada and Mexico, will invade at noon. President-in-waiting Joe Biden and his newly anointed candidate for Veep, Alexandria Ocasio-Niña-Pinta-Santa Maria-Cortez, say we must make a fast-track to citizenship available to the invaders; no more destitute people crying and dying at our borders!

President Trump responded in a rambling tweet storm that Jeffrey Epstein died of COVID-19 related causes and that he had nothing to do with it. But if he did it would have been tremendous. He also wanted to know what’s up with all the movies where jacked up male leads are obviously on steroids and shave their body hair.

Personally I would like to know how we can send a man to the moon (if we indeed did…), but my order of various luthier’s tools placed on Amazon 4.11.2020 still is in transit. FTS!

A Farewell To Kitties

About a month ago, one of our two remaining cats (Dingo, brother of Fuffu, about 15 years old and under our guardianship since they were 12 weeks) was feeling under the weather and had a hard time breathing. As it turned out an x-ray revealed that he  hardly had any functional lungs left. Left to himself he would die a protracted and painful death. The only treatment available was a merciful injection to help him along and make his final journey as painless and peaceful as possible.

Dingo and Fuffu in better days.

A few weeks later it became obvious that his brother had something serious going on as well, and after repeated visits to the vet his diagnosis was no less dire than that of his late brother: a heart about to give up and cascading organ failure in general. We said our final goodbyes today and gave him release from the struggle right here at home with the help of a wonderful vet who visited us in our house.

While we knew that Fuffu was in poor health and living on borrowed time, Dingo’s condition came as a bit of a surprise. Towards the end he lost half his body weight in a matter of weeks. I think Fuffu maybe stuck it out long enough to see him off, and  when that final duty was taken care of he could finally let go himself.

We have chosen not to have any children of our own, but I think we are now experiencing empty-nest syndrome. It’s a sad, sad day.

RIP kitties.

Latin Grievances

I’m not a linguist, so I’ve never had anything to back it up with, but the Latin spoken by actors in movies always was a pet peeve of mine. Heavily American accented, like a high school dropout from Staten Island reading some random text for the first time. That, and medieval peasants with shiny rows of perfect, brilliant white teeth. And Nazis speaking English amongst themselves with fake German accents. And people who use the word “amongst”. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti (Wikipedia approved version). Amen (ay-men, ah-men?).

New World Order – Trump And Putin Boogeymen-In-Chief

Who is willing to stoke the embers of The Cold War to escape blame for fucking up the election?

Puppet and puppeteer?

Lately I haven’t had the time or interest to share my thoughts about the recent election and the state of the world in general, but I’ll give you the tl:dr version as it stands today, January 9th, 2017.

When Trump announced I thought we were in for an 18-month comedy show (I was right).

As the campaign heated up it became apparent, with a little help from WikiLeaks (thanks Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, for doing the job our domestic news media neglected) that the Democrats, among other things, had engaged in what was at the very least an informal conspiracy against first Bernie Sanders, and later, Donald Trump, aided by the aforementioned domestic, mainstream media.

It becomes clear that Hillary Clinton is Evil incarnate, with more skeletons in the closet then there are in the ground at Arlington National Cemetery. Given the choice between Evil and Trump, I’ll go for Trump any day of the week. I would have voted Hillary if either Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee (both religious nutnicks who would have attempted to transform America to a theocracy ruled by a Christian version of Sharia law) were the Republican nominee.

Post election thousands, if not hundreds of thousands (millions?), of social justice warriors riot in the streets across the nation chanting “NOT MY PRESIDENT”.

Universities are offering grief counseling to traumatized students. For real. Tomorrow’s leaders are pissing themselves in fear and huddling in a corner with their comfort blankies when things don’t go their way. Deal with it, precious snowflakes; if you can’t handle this, the real world after you graduate from your gender issues studies is going to be a very brutal wake-up call.

The mainstream media and the Democratic party concoct a fake conspiracy narrative where Vladimir Putin sabotaged the election in Trump’s favor to explain away why the worst candidate in US history (the one with the vagina) didn’t win, and undermine Trump’s legitimacy.

I still think Trump is a narcissistic clown with poor impulse control, but whether you like it or not, he’s our president for the next four years, so get used to it. He is not Hitler and the world isn’t coming to an end. And I’m fresh out fucks to give about his pussy grabbing. Donald Trump may or may not have grabbed pussies (much to the delight of the pussies’ owners, no doubt). Bill Clinton raped and his wife led the cover-up, smearing his victims in the process.

I used to think of myself as a liberal. Just a plain, old fashioned liberal with liberal values and a slight slant to the Left. I don’t use that label to describe myself any more. Not because I have changed, but because a massive wave of professional victims have changed its meaning.

I am a white, straight man who is convinced there are only two genders. In SJW terms that means I’m a racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic member of the white, cis-male patriarchy who believes in, and uses (unapologetically), traditional pronouns. And I’m privileged for it.

I apologize if this little rant seems a bit disjointed and off the cuff (it is), but I just got off the phone with my health insurance company (Anthem Blue Cross) and it wasn’t a pleasant conversation. I’ll spare you the details, but why worry about the government coming between me and my doctor when my insurance company does such a good job of it? Obamacare, while well intended(?) is a massive gift to corporate America.

3.29 Refills. WTF?!? I can’t even…

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