Happy Birthday, Wife!

My wife Marianne is 44 years old today. She’s not as good looking as she was when we first met, but I’d still hit it (if could find my Viagra). I have dirty pictures of her, but she said not to put them on the Internet or she would withhold sex for the rest of my life. How ’bout this bitch, if you can get it up, we can have sex any time you want. Happy birthday, sugar pumpkin!

Here’s a current picture. I know…


The Best 9mm Pistol Ever Made

Not my words, but those of . I’m guessing many people would disagree with him. I have no opinion on the matter. I’m just posting this video to make my wife feel good about her pistol. Because I’m a loving, caring husband. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Loving. And caring.