A Poem About Rules And Stuff

My first attempt at a poem1. It’s not one of those rhymey poems, but more existential in nature, an analysis of society, perhaps. If I get into the habit of conveying my wisdom in the form of poetry, I might add a separate poetry category to the blog. Only time will tell. Or Wilhelm/William (there isn’t a clear consensus).

This poem dropped into my mind out of nowhere just as I woke up this morning. I’m not sure what it means, but I thought it was neat

The Rules
A Poem By The Old Geezer

The rules suck.
If you break a lot of rules,
or a really big, important one,
they can lock you up.
Or even put you to death.

If you decide to break the rules
try your best no to get caught.
It could really fuck up your day.

1Not entirely true, but this is the first time I’m publishing on the Internet. Let me know what you think it means.