Afghanistan Fuckup

Russell Brand has matured. Can’t really disagree with him if you have a functioning brain. He also has really nice teeth for a former heroin addict. I said it from day one back in 2001 when I could see the smoke of the Towers from my house in Connecticut; follow the money. Five presidents in a row have fucked it up while five government military contractors have made billions in profit on the back of American taxpayers, leaving tens of thousands American and allied troops and possibly hundreds of thousands of Afghans rotting in their wake. And of all these presidential sinners Trump is the least culpable, yet he’s the one that gets impeached. Twice. Go figure…

EDITED TO ADD: I must have been drunk when I wrote this post, seemingly endorsing Russel Brand’s views unconditionally. While I agree with many of the points he makes, let there be no misunderstanding: The US had every right in the world to go into Afghanistan after 9/11. Not punishing the murder of 3,000 Americans by barbaric cave dwellers with the blessing of the Taliban would have been disgraceful.

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