Draconian Connecticut Gun Law Forces Businesses, Jobs And Revenue Out Of State

K-5 Arms, Milford, CTI was out driving this morning and decided to stop by one of Connecticut’s larger firearms retailers, K-5 Arms Exchange in Milford, CT, to see if they had some 9mm on hand (good luck with that; the ammo shortage is still very painfully felt here).

Big was my disappointment when I found the parking lot empty, the doors locked and a sign announcing they were relocating to Texas, at least that’s how I interpreted it. I guess it’s a little hard to run a gun shop if your local government actively tries to shut you down by banning the kind of merchandise you’re in the business of selling.

K-5 Arms, Milford, CT closed.

Empty parking lot at K-5 Arms in Milford, CT. Another one bites the bullet. Sad.

K-5 wasn’t the best gun shop in the world or of the magnitude of Cabela’s, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro et al (mega chain stores are the devil’s invention and will bring America down!), but they had a lot of good stuff, were¬† reasonably well stocked, and if they didn’t have what you were looking for, they could get it fast, and had decent-ish prices.

I didn’t much care for the owner, Tony Soprano-ish arrogant bastard he was, who took advantage of you on trade-ins, but I will nevertheless miss them. Connecticut is a small state with not too many well run gun shops and we can badly afford to lose any.

If these guys can’t make their wheels spin under the new, draconian gun laws, imagine how many smaller mom and pop shops will just close down and disappear. Thanks a lot Governor Malloy. I hope the newly unemployed will have you and your accomplices in their thoughts come next election.

I know, I used “-ish” twice (thrice, counting this instance) in this post.

2 thoughts on “Draconian Connecticut Gun Law Forces Businesses, Jobs And Revenue Out Of State

  1. Can’t go by the sign on the door since it is an attempt by a lesser competitor to gain some customers for himself. I doubt very much that people used to the staff at K-5 will be going to his store. I have been at K-5 many times and was never given more than polite service and helpful information. As to Malloy, he like nobama, is just looking to get control of everyone’s guns or maybe he thinks that by climbing up nobama’s butt he can move up the food change but he is a wannabe not a leader and I expect him to be out of job SOON. You really have to inspect the motives of those who subscribe to the nobama cult of murder control – just look at his pilot program in Chicago – THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY. Great place to emulate. When you vote in the future, examine the motives of anyone who promises to give you complete security of any kind, it is not available at any price as we will all know for sure soon.

    • I didn’t realize that the posting on the door was from another shop, but it had somewhat confused. I guess I didn’t read it properly. Thanks for the heads up.

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