Felines For Ukraine

There’s fuckery going on with access to RT. Play around with the URL and your browser settings to view the website.

The International Feline Federation (FIFe) has slapped Russian-owned cats with with a sanction banning them from competing in its shows in response to #Russia‘s invasion of #Ukraine.

Yup, that’ll tell #Putin. I had three cats from a local shelter in Norwalk, CT, for almost 20 years, of mixed race, at least 50% #RussianBlue. I spoiled them rotten, feeding them human grade raw chicken on a daily basis. I must be a colluder of sorts, possibly on a #CIA watch-list; one of the deplorables, for sure. Seriously, of all the stupid shit people do to signal their virtue, this has got to be the stupidest.

This post may be taken down without notice, since I’m using Russia Today as a source. Disclaimer (as if I need one): NOT SHILLING FOR FUCKING #PUTIN, but when propaganda is the (almost) exclusive source of information offered to the public (#sheeple, #NRK, #Norwegians, #DAX18), somebody has to take a principled stand. Stay tuned for my next update brought to you from Guantanamo Bay. #LetsGoBrandon!

A picture of Dingo (RIP, buddy!), a mixed-breed Russian Blue feline (the only pic I had handy), now discriminated against by FIFe.

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