The Road To Hell – The Fall Of The American Empire

The more I think about it, the more I think America is going in the wrong direction, possibly heading for the proverbial drain. This is not a partisan statement. We’ve been on the wrong track for many decades. Some things have, to be sure, improved significantly. I would for instance rather be a black person in 2013 than in 1913 (that bit still has a ways to go, but at least pseudo dictator Michael Bloomberg of New York  got spanked by federal judge Shira Scheindlin over his fascist, racist and glaringly unconstitutional Stop & Frisk program). But other things have taken a dramatically degenerate turn. What’s worse is that it most likely can’t be fixed because our only choices are bad and really bad. We are in the process of giving up nationhood in favor of business incorporationhood. Think Citizens United.

“It must be fun to watch a President [or Congressman, or Senator, or Supreme Court Justice] run, just ask the man who owns [or owns a share] in one.”
~ Steppenwolf from the song Monster.

I’m pretty sure somewhere in our DNA there is a self-destruct gene; it’s just waiting for the right circumstances to kick in and we’ll all go down in a conflagration of thermonuclear war, or release a zombie bug, or devolve over time to render us hairy, knuckle dragging man-like creatures, or we’ll all be employed as greeters at Wal-Mart. I don’t know which would be the worse fate.

If you don’t wake up tomorrow you may take it as confirmation that you died in the apocalypse that took place when you were sleeping. We are like bacteria in a petri dish that flourish as long as it receives nourishment, but eventuality suffocates in its own waste.