The True Spirit Of The Holidays

It’s called the Holiday (read: Christmas) Season, numbnuts. Love Jesus & spend money and shit. The only way to Heaven is by being a good consumer. Your choice: Spend like your life depends on it (and it does) or eternal damnation and suffering in Hell. Jesus loves you, but not for free. It’s called capitalism. You can’t have Christmas without Christ.

My New HP TouchPad (yeah, I know they discontinued it).

So the little woman gave me a tablet PC for Winter Solstice, something my inner Luddite had sworn he never would agree to. But I turned on myself and I’m starting to get a little hooked and I have to learn a new lingo (remember I’m 52 y/o). Right now I need to figure out what a launcher is, then find out how to get that bar back at the bottom of the screen with the button that launched (really?) all those cool icons. Then I need an app killer (or so I’ve been told) and a thingy that speeds up the kernel, lol. Oh Lord, next thing you know I’ll be getting a smartphone.