HUBRIS: Selling The Iraq War

I watched MSNBC’s “HUBRIS: Selling the Iraq war” tonight. Didn’t learn much new, but it’s always useful to be reminded how the whole scam was perpetrated. I was disappointed that nobody had the guts to call the treasonous foursome, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice outright liars and war criminals. Let’s throw in Colin Powell and George Tenet for good measure as well. In this particular case I’m a full-blown conspiracy theorist in the sense that they all conspired to commit crimes against America, Iraq and humanity. The program tried to paint Colin Powell with a gentler brush, that he somehow knew they were fabricating reasons to declare an unjust war, but was morally opposed. In my mind that makes him even worse, since he knowingly stood up in the UN and delivered a lying, morally bankrupt speech that sealed the deal for the war mongers. They should all have been on the scaffold with ropes around their necks alongside Saddam Hussein.