Just a quick shout-out to my man Brian to see if he’s paying attention to where his traffic is coming from. is the new developer community on the Internet – everything in one place. I think it’s gonna be the new Facebook. Apparently.

Here is another link, this time using a high value search term that I am sure will fill up the developer community with members fast. I also bolded the link because old school SEO teaches that bolding matters to Google. is white hat, not black hat.

There are so many links to in this post that GOOGLE possibly will penalize APEIRIX for this blatant attempt at manipulating the SERPs. Thank god for Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.

Apeirix Developer Community – Bolded and in red.

I had to look up the html for red font since it’s not in the WYSIWYG and I’m old.

LATEST Thursday, March 7th, 2013: Apeirix appears to be offline. That didn’t last long.