7 Dirty Words Policy For .US Domains

The registry for .us domains, NuLevel, has a policy that forbids seven specific “dirty” words in a domain name. I found out the hard way (not really that much of a hardship, but it pissed me off that my domain got cancelled without explenation) and will list them here in no particular order of importance for your enlightenment.

WARNING: Adult language – Reader Discretion Cautioned!

  • Shit
  • Piss
  • Fuck
  • Cunt
  • Cocksucker
  • Motherfucker, and
  • Tits (really, tits?!?)

Brings to mind the classic George Carlin routine where he lists the dirty words you can’t use on broadcast TV. Oddly enough the words are identical. Coincidence? Me thinks not. Be advised this is NOT a joke.

Pissing On The Taliban

This one got me a new fan on HuffPo, so I’ll repost it here.

Soldiers from times immemorial have been hired and trained by chieftains­, kings, popes and government­s to act inhumanely and kill. That’s their job. When the fighting is done and the dust settles we shouldn’t be too upset if they let off a little steam by pissing on the enemy they just killed. Purely a symbolic gesture. It goes with the territory. Instead of showing fake moral indignatio­n, we should concentrat­e our focus on not getting involved in so many wars in the first place. *That’s* the true insult to human decency.