SEO Success – Best Month Ever For

At the time of writing (3:16 PM, 06-30-13) I am number eight on Google’s search engine results page for the term “paula deen witch hunt“. High five!

Top 10 Search Keyphrases For November 2012

  1. glock 19
  2. dead santa
  3. santa claus dead
  4. dead santa pictures
  5. preggo fetish
  6. spanking implements
  7. queen
  8. dead santa claus
  9. santa is dead
  10. rifaximin cost without insurance

I’m doing well with the Glock crowd and people who want Santa dead.

Ad Revenue Report

My experiment with advertising on is promising. After 3-4 solid days of active ads I have generated $0.03 in revenue. At this rate I’ll be able to retire in 2846 (actually, that’s just a random number I picked, but it seems reasonable). Which is good, because by then I’ll be 887 y/o and probably in need of dialing it down somewhat.

Introductory Post

Hey, I’m Lars. Who the fuck are you?

I’ve been meaning to get this blog up and running for ages, but between having nothing better to do and only twenty-four hours a day to not do it, I couldn’t find the time. Yet, here it is. I first tried Joomla, but it was just too complicated, so I went with WordPress. resides on my wife’s web hosting account (thank you, sweetheart). I guess that makes her legally responsible for everything I write. Please instruct your lawyers to address any complaints to her.

OGNDY is an acronym for Old Geezer Not Dead Yet. That would be me. It’s my mission to tell you the truth about everything, so you can just go ahead and delete all of your bookmarks; OGNDY is all you need.

The next several posts (everything in the category Getting Started) will be old stuff used as filler posts just to get shit going.

I know I do not own and have no right to use the header image. I’ll take it down shortly, as soon as I find a decent replacement.