The Geezer Hits Fifty-Four — Group Thanks To All Well-Wishers

Yesterday I was fifty-three years old. Today I am fifty-four. It is a reasonable guesstimate that I have roughly thirty-or-so years left in me before I kick the bucket and return to a state of non-being.

Generic thanks to all well-wishers whether you mean it or not. Special thanks to my mother who ejected me from her womb that fateful day in 1959 so I could enjoy this wonderful life, and also to my wife Marianne who continues to stick it out with me. She could have done much better.

Fun fact: For the next 10 months I’ll be fifty-four and she’ll be forty-five. That probably is interesting only to those who subscribe to the not-even-pseudo-science of numerology, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your day. I will.