State Of The What?

Anybody watching the constitutionally mandated infotainment show on TV tonight? I’ve just gotten into binge watching The Killing on Netflix (no affiliate link), so I don’t know. The Killing has an interesting plot that keeps you guessing, but is very low key and understated, kinda slow moving and dark themed. The show on The Hill, conversely, is noisy, fast paced and glamorous, but the acting isn’t very convincing; like a scripted reality show (I say this based on previous experience). It’s a tossup. I could go either way. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m on the fence about the whole thing. Choices, just too many goddamn choices on TV these days. Not really. They guy (gal?) who invented DVR is probably doing quite well financially.


Paid actors rehearsing the pre-game show of the State of the Union Speech.

Virgin Post: Random Observational Thought Category

I just watched Queen: Rock Montreal on Netflix yesterday and a thought popped into my head: Do bass players get as much pussy as singers and guitar players (or cock in Freddie Mercury’s case)? John Deacon seemed a little bit humdrum compared to the other band members, and I would understand it if he wasn’t the groupies’ first choice.


When I Was A Little Boy

When I was a little boy we didn’t have cable TV, and the TV we had was black and white. When I was a little boy there weren’t pedophiles lurking around every corner, so we walked to school. It was uphill both ways and the snow was always knee deep. When I was a little boy we didn’t have video games, so we went outside and played. With other kids. When I was a little boy we didn’t have Internet porn, so we had to learn about sex from Playboy and fumbling in the dark. When I was a little boy we didn’t have streaming Netflix, so we went to the movie theater. Today you can stand on top of Mount Everest and order pizza for takeout with your satellite phone, but it’s a fucking inconvenience if it takes more than 45 minutes to get it delivered.