Accidental Racist – A Story Of Four T-Shirts – If You Wear One, You Are One

Brad Paisley and LL Cool J recently teamed up to release the song “Accidental Racist” in an effort to cure racism in America and bring the Country and Western crowd and the Rap people closer together. Good intentions, yes? Maybe…

Not being much of a fan of either C&W or rap I think the song stinks from a musical point of view. Much worse, however, is that it completely fails as a Kumbaya piece and makes a mockery of our nation’s history, comes very strongly across as an apologia for Southern racism, and stereotypes blacks as saggy-pantsed gangstas.

The theme of the song is a black Starbucks barista who is offended by a rebel-flag t-shirt wearing patron. We find out through the song that it’s just a big misunderstanding on both sides, the t-shirt only means the redneck likes Lynyrd Skynyrd, we should all hug and try to respect each others’ backgrounds and  just get along.

Well, it ain’t that simple. The flag of the Confederate states was conceived solely as a symbol for those who so hated the idea of giving up their right to own African-Americans as chattel, that they were willing to go to war and secede from the Union. It is just as disingenuous to brandish the rebel flag and claim racial innocence based on “southern pride”, “cultural heritage” and other such nonsense as it would be for someone to fly the Swastika and say it’s just a symbol of Alpen Pride or Lederehosen History. Worse, actually, because the swastika is an ancient symbol hijacked by Nazis; the rebel rag has never meant anything other than white supremacy and enslavement of blacks.

There is no substantive difference between the four t-shirts pictured below. If you wear either one, you are all of them.

If you wear this you are a racist.  slavery-tshirtIf you wear this you are a racist.  jews--tshirt

My iTunes Data

You know you’re really fucking bored when you resort to posting shit like this.

I have 4,850 songs on iTunes, everything ripped from my own CDs or purchased on Amazon. I refuse to buy from the iTunes store due to their DRM issues. Plus I find the entire store to be fucking annoying. There will be fewer once I get around to culling all bands/artists who use Confederate imagery in their songs/albums/performances. I’ll post a video when I destroy all my Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs. I haven’t manned up enough to actually do it yet, but at least they’re on my no-play list.

I have 14 playlists as follows:

  • Best of AC/DC (44 songs)
  • Best of Alice Cooper (77 songs)
  • Best of Black Sabbath (34 songs)
  • Best of Deep Purple (39 songs)
  • Best of Nazareth (41 songs)
  • Best of Status Quo (31 songs)
  • Best of Steppenwolf (37 songs)
  • Classic Rock (493 songs)
  • Eclectic BS (386)
  • Intense workout shortie (30 songs)
  • Popcorn (34 songs)
  • SloMo (196 songs)