Redirecting Motherfuckers

I just noticed that some of the ads being served on OGNDY through Clicksor are redirecting away from the site. This is cocksuckery of the first and worst degree. I have notified Clicksor of the fraudulent activity and disabled the ads for now. My sincerest apologies to my loyal readers. If necessary I will forfeit the $0.27 I have so far in earnings from the Clicksor ads. That’s how serious I am about this.

Ad Revenue Report

My experiment with advertising on is promising. After 3-4 solid days of active ads I have generated $0.03 in revenue. At this rate I’ll be able to retire in 2846 (actually, that’s just a random number I picked, but it seems reasonable). Which is good, because by then I’ll be 887 y/o and probably in need of dialing it down somewhat.


I’m trying out some ad-serving software on the site right now. I used to be into affiliate marketing and ad serving a few years ago, but a lot has changed. Trying to get my head around it, and right now the ads seem to be coming a bit faster than I like. I’m working on it. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of other blogs out there, but none as interesting as mine. Anyway, I don’t care. Whatever…