Fucking Photoshop

I had no idea. I haven’t upgraded since CS2. This is bullshit of the utmost degree. Shame on Adobe. GIMP here I come! Corporations suck. The bigger they get, the worse they suck. It’s a fact of life. They may start out with good intentions and a good product (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Adobe, vBulletin and a slew more), but greed eventually takes over, they all want to be Master of the fucking Universe, sink their venomous teeth into you and suck every last dollar out of you. If you must you can still buy the last few remaining copies of PS CS6 on eBay for a small fortune, but hurry; once they’re gone, they’re gone. Or you can give them a gigantic middle finger and a big “FUCK YOU!”. I know, it’s hard because it’s a good product and you’re hooked. And now they have to go and ruin a good thing for everybody, loyal customers who have been with them for 10-15 years+. Fucking fuckers.

Smartphones And Other High Tech Bric-A-Brac

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of this guy Marques Brownlee‘s tech videos on the YouTube. He’s a very likeable super nerd who apparently knows everything about everything that’s worth knowing about computers, tablets, smartphones, apps, operating systems etc., and he’s only nineteen(!) years old and much wiser than his age would indicate.

Watching his videos gives me an irrational urge to go out and buy a smartphone which is so out of character for me it’s in a different galaxy or even universe, partly Luddite as I am. But there’s so much to choose from out there; Windows phones, iPhones, Android phones, even Ubuntu phones, small ones, big ones, phone/tablet hybrids so I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Add to that my disdain for being hooked up to the cyber world 24/7 and everybody knowing everything about me and my recent rants against Google and Facebook for being douchebags and my cognitive dissonance on the subject becomes even more obvious. Smartphones may be a trick that this dog is too old to learn properly. Or the straw that broke the camel’s back; pick your metaphor.

I actually own a cell phone (non-smart) that was given too me years ago accompanied by a pay-as-you-go plan. You could roll over your minutes one month, but after that you forfeited whatever was left in your account. Which I think is banditry of the third kind (that’s a movie reference from before Marques was even born) at high noon. It’s been sitting quite dead in the glove compartment of my car for years now and I don’t even know how to reactivate it.

I’m also quite unhappy with the planned obsolescence policy all phone/tablet makers seem to employ as their marketing strategy. Add a new hyped up feature, a new wizzbang super-duper trick to the device a couple of times a year or so and all the millennials bite and line up days in advance of the release date outside stores to get the latest magic phone assembled by suicidal slaves in China.

Clearly I’m not a millennial (actually I’m a mid-to-late boomer; I’ve got more than a decade left before I qualify for Medicare if they don’t change the rules and if I should be so lucky to live that long) and not the target demographic of the tech companies. I thought it was a big deal when we got color TV way back in the day. I bought my first computer ca 1990. No mouse, no Windows. Everything had to be opened through DOS and multitasking was an unknown concept. Viruses spread by infected floppy disks (google it if you’re unfamiliar with ancient technology). It had a 25 megabyte hard drive, a quarter meg of RAM and a clock speed of 25 Hz and was considered bleeding edge at the time. Truth is it was more like a glorified typewriter that you also could play Pacman on. I didn’t get on the Internet until 2000 because I was convinced it was a fad that would go away.

I was able to keep up with the breakneck speed of tech development for a while, even taught myself how to build websites, do affiliate marketing by bombarding the Internet with mini sites (literally thousands built by hand without any auto-generating software) and make some pocket change out of it. Then some douchebag came along and invented Web 2.0, social media, wearable tech and my aging CPU (the one inside my head) wasn’t quite able to keep up anymore. I can still see the train in front of me, but it’s pulling away and the image is blurred by the dust it’s throwing up.

I’m still hanging on by the skin of my teeth, but I think it’s gonna be a long while (if ever) before I buy a smartphone, or a smart watch, or Google Glass or whatever the next fancy gadget they come up with. Because what the fuck would I do with it? Play Pacman?

Social Media Madness

Google home (search page) serves up an image of birthday cakes, candles and party paraphernalia for me today with the alt. text “Happy Birthday [my acct. name]“ instead of their regular logo.  I feel violated in a privacy kind of way, not to mention that the picture and message are auto-generated and not heartfelt at all. Larry and Sergei don’t even know that I exist.This web 2.0 shit is getting out of hand. I’m hoping for someone to invent web 3.0 that puts the user back in the driver’s seat and runs Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Schmumblr, Bumblr and what have you out of fucking business.

Google Evil Overlords Of The Internet

Google 1998: “Do no evil.”

Google 2013: “We know what you did last night.”

keep calman hate google

Take back the Internet. Keep calm and hate Google! What used to be a good search engine with additional useful products has become a monster that aims to annex the entire Internet and force itself into every aspect of your life. They are the civilian equivalent of the NSA, and quite possibly co-conspiring with them to spy on you. Fight fire with fire.

Google the search engine, Gmail, YouTube are all good products, but don’t force us to link up everything with your horrible Google+. I would like to send an email without a list of strangers in the sidebar that Google wants to add to my “circles”. I want to be able to comment on a YouTube video without it being added to my Google+ (which I frankly don’t even want in the first place). Don’t make changes every other day and force me to spend valuable time looking for responses, notifications and settings.

Larry and Sergei, you must by now have enough personal wealth to not need to own all there is to own. You came up with a brilliant idea that benefited millions of people. But the times are changing and you’re not so fresh anymore and new and better shit is popping up all over the place. Go back to what you do best and let the user decide how they want to use Google products. Go back to “do no evil” or people will start to leave you. In droves. You can only move the cheese around so many times before the mouse gets tired of it and seeks out a different pantry ®.


I’ve been getting into a really bad habit lately of dropping books as soon as I think they’re boring, badly written, disingenuous, have too much of an axe to grind, or they write and cover a topic in a way I already agree with.

I’m about to take on Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus, made perhaps more famous (infamous?) than it deserves (remains to be seen) by this outrageous interview of the author Reza Aslan on Fox News by Lauren Green.

I’ll get back to you with a review of sorts in a few weeks’ time (I’m a slow reader) to see if all the hullabaloo is justified.

EDIT 10-14-15: Yeah, so I read the book and I thought it was OK. Just wanted to add that Reza Aslan may have overstated his scholarly credentials. I thought perhaps he doth protested too much.

SEO Success – Best Month Ever For OGNDY.com

At the time of writing (3:16 PM, 06-30-13) I am number eight on Google’s search engine results page for the term “paula deen witch hunt“. High five!

Top 10 Search Engine Terms On OGNDY.com For February, 2013

  1. specialized agency in global customer service research
  2. rifaximin cost without insurance
  3. ugly wife
  4. men who spank their wives
  5. we are specialized agency in global customer service research
  6. child penis
  7. we are specialized agency in global customer service research we are starting a very big research project in usa & canada. we are accepting applications from
  8. terrorist interdiction bag
  9. global customer service research
  10. spanking over the knee

I’m thinking I may have to delete my email Internet Scam post.

Top 10 OGNDY.com Search Keyphrases For November 2012

  1. glock 19
  2. dead santa
  3. santa claus dead
  4. dead santa pictures
  5. preggo fetish
  6. spanking implements
  7. queen
  8. dead santa claus
  9. santa is dead
  10. rifaximin cost without insurance

I’m doing well with the Glock crowd and people who want Santa dead.

Terrorist Interdiction Bag

When you surf the web you come across all sorts of odd shit and there’s a lot to learn. I guess you could say the more you surf, the less you know. For instance, until just a few minutes ago I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Terrorist Interdiction Bag. Thankfully the good people at onesourcetactical.com have them for sale. They come in handy when, during the course of your daily doings, encounter a terrorist and the need to interdict him/her becomes imperative. I know what “terrorist” means and I know what “bag” means. Now I’m gonna google “interdiction” so I don’t inadvertently interdict someone when it’s not called for. Could be embarrassing.


Terrorist Interdiction Bag

Snipped from One Source Tactical:

The ugly truth as shown by recent history is that, noble as they may be, the authorities will have a very difficult time being at the right place at the right time.  Think of Fort Hood, Mumbai, and countless other events that have given us a profile of the “Soft Target Attack” preferred by the terrorist and active shooter.  So who will be at the right place and at the right time?

Maybe it will be you. But will you have the tools needed to prevail?

The TIB is the answer for the man that needs to carry a full high intensity-short duration fighting kit 24/7/365, but in a very compact and ultra-discreet manner.  The bag can be dedicated as a pistol only bag, set up for the TSD Glock and the popular “Happy Sticks”, or it can accommodate three Assault Rifle Magazines (AK-47 in any caliber, or M4).

The side zip pockets can carry additional magazine, or weapon accessories and trauma kits.  The bag is constructed in a manner to contain and conceal the contents whether the zipper is open or closed.  A carry handle as well as a removable carry strap completes the quick and dirty Terrorist Interdiction Bag.

This kit is perfect for daily carry by the undercover operative, private citizen working in a danger-high area, or as a discreet “Desk Bag” for executives that may be facing the threat of an active shooter or terrorist threat. We suggest you do not over-fill it with non-essentials.  Quick and dirty.  Fill it with weapons, magazines, weapon accessories, and medical stuff.  That is all.

Oh yeah, snipped from The Free Dictionary:

in·ter·dict  (ntr-dkt)

tr.v. in·ter·dict·ed, in·ter·dict·ing, in·ter·dicts

1. To prohibit or place under an ecclesiastical or legal sanction.
2. To forbid or debar, especially authoritatively. See Synonyms at forbid.


a. To cut or destroy (a line of communication) by firepower so as to halt an enemy’s advance.
b. To confront and halt the activities, advance, or entry of: “the role of the FBI in interdicting spies attempting to pass US secrets to the Soviet Union” (Christian Science Monitor).

n. (ntr-dkt)

1. Law A prohibition by court order.
2. Roman Catholic Church An ecclesiastical censure that excludes a person or district from participation in most sacraments and from Christian burial.