Amazon T-Shirt Size Confusion

I recently purchased a t-shirt on Amazon. Upon receiving the order details via email, I noticed that they had sent a different size than what I ordered. I proceeded to call customer service to correct the transaction. Alas, it was already shipped and too late to cancel.

The nice lady said she would issue a refund and place an order for the size I wanted. I would have to refuse acceptance of the original order (meaning I would have to stand lookout for the FedEx truck), or return it myself (on my dime), or be charged for both shirts.

After some thought this is just getting too complicated. If I’m lucky enough to catch the FedEx truck I’ll have to run inside and compare order numbers while he’s waiting to make sure I refuse acceptance of the correct unwanted shirt. I’ll just keep both shirts, hoping at least one fits. At $18 it ain’t worth the hassle.

By the way, take a look at the size offerings below and tell me which one you would choose without any additional info about the actual physical measurements of the shirts. “Medium Youth” seems kinda vague to me.

Blah! Life is short enough as it is.












Psst! Don’t tell Marianne, it’s a birthday gift for her. 45. Old.