My iTunes Data

You know you’re really fucking bored when you resort to posting shit like this.

I have 4,850 songs on iTunes, everything ripped from my own CDs or purchased on Amazon. I refuse to buy from the iTunes store due to their DRM issues. Plus I find the entire store to be fucking annoying. There will be fewer once I get around to culling all bands/artists who use Confederate imagery in their songs/albums/performances. I’ll post a video when I destroy all my Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs. I haven’t manned up enough to actually do it yet, but at least they’re on my no-play list.

I have 14 playlists as follows:

  • Best of AC/DC (44 songs)
  • Best of Alice Cooper (77 songs)
  • Best of Black Sabbath (34 songs)
  • Best of Deep Purple (39 songs)
  • Best of Nazareth (41 songs)
  • Best of Status Quo (31 songs)
  • Best of Steppenwolf (37 songs)
  • Classic Rock (493 songs)
  • Eclectic BS (386)
  • Intense workout shortie (30 songs)
  • Popcorn (34 songs)
  • SloMo (196 songs)