Andrew Breitbart Dead

So Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43, and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. My only regret is that it didn’t happen when he was 33, or 23, or 13, or 3, or at the embryonic stage. How ironic, and what a pro-choice argument it would be, if Andrew Breitbart had been stopped in his tracks at an abortion clinic and ended his existence in an incinerator for medical waste. Truly a despicable human being. Is it insensitive to say good riddance?


Just in case you don’t remember or know who this lowlife was, he was the right-wing activist who doctored videos and made up lies to score political points (Acorn, Shirley Sherrod et al). He also outed Anthony Weiner as a closet perv, but he had that coming.

Here he is showing off the essence of what it was like to be Andrew Breitbart at a demonstration outside CPAC 2012.

So burn in hell, motherfucker!