Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day everybody. Take a moment to self-reflect and give thanks for everything that makes your life happy:

Thank you Lord Jesus for coming down from Heaven and sacrificing your life so I can have salvation. No. That’s a different holiday.

Here we go again:

I’m thankful for pre-Black Friday sales, Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales. I’m thankful for our culture of consumerism that makes the American way of life possible. And the Indians who saved the pilgrims.


(Oh, and let’s not forget all the turkeys that had to die so we can be happy today. Please observe one minute of silence for all our feathered brethren who selflessly gave their lives in pursuit of our happiness. One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi, four-Mississippi, five-Mississippi…)

turkey day

An artist’s rendition of a turkey. Picture credit: An artist specializing in turkey pictures.

Obama, Christmas & Hypochrisy

Just watched Obama’s Christmas tree-lighting ceremony. We just lost a battle in the war on Christmas. While he did utter the word Holiday, the word Christmas flowed freely from his mouth, as did talk about Jesus, angels and God, and how this teaches us good morals.

So clearly the Prez is giving in to all the Jesus freaks who are upset about secularizing the “holidays” (the same people stampeding Wal-Mart on Black Friday). I guess seeing the election on the horizon has a funny effect on politicians. Seldom have I had so high hopes for someone only to be so bitterly disappointed later on.

I’m considering boycotting the whole election. Go OWS!