Fucking Photoshop

I had no idea. I haven’t upgraded since CS2. This is bullshit of the utmost degree. Shame on Adobe. GIMP here I come! Corporations suck. The bigger they get, the worse they suck. It’s a fact of life. They may start out with good intentions and a good product (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Adobe, vBulletin and a slew more), but greed eventually takes over, they all want to be Master of the fucking Universe, sink their venomous teeth into you and suck every last dollar out of you. If you must you can still buy the last few remaining copies of PS CS6 on eBay for a small fortune, but hurry; once they’re gone, they’re gone. Or you can give them a gigantic middle finger and a big “FUCK YOU!”. I know, it’s hard because it’s a good product and you’re hooked. And now they have to go and ruin a good thing for everybody, loyal customers who have been with them for 10-15 years+. Fucking fuckers.

My iTunes Data

You know you’re really fucking bored when you resort to posting shit like this.

I have 4,850 songs on iTunes, everything ripped from my own CDs or purchased on Amazon. I refuse to buy from the iTunes store due to their DRM issues. Plus I find the entire store to be fucking annoying. There will be fewer once I get around to culling all bands/artists who use Confederate imagery in their songs/albums/performances. I’ll post a video when I destroy all my Lynyrd Skynyrd CDs. I haven’t manned up enough to actually do it yet, but at least they’re on my no-play list.

I have 14 playlists as follows:

  • Best of AC/DC (44 songs)
  • Best of Alice Cooper (77 songs)
  • Best of Black Sabbath (34 songs)
  • Best of Deep Purple (39 songs)
  • Best of Nazareth (41 songs)
  • Best of Status Quo (31 songs)
  • Best of Steppenwolf (37 songs)
  • Classic Rock (493 songs)
  • Eclectic BS (386)
  • Intense workout shortie (30 songs)
  • Popcorn (34 songs)
  • SloMo (196 songs)