Obama Vs Putin in Syria

Obama has egg on his face. Putin thinks so to, because he put it there. I can’t help feeling a twinge of schadenfreude, even though I’m a very big patriot.

Vladimir Putin can beat the shit out of Chuck Norris (and Obama).

Vladimir Putin looking very smug right now. He could beat up Obama and Chuck Norris as a warmup for his morning exercise routine.

My point is that there is no moral difference between killing innocent civilians with poison gas than more conventional methods.

Two nuclear bombs directed specifically at huge concentrations of innocent civilians. Death toll estimated at 225,000. Agent Orange used indiscriminately against a civilian population. 400,000 killed or maimed. 500,000 birth defects. By far the largest stash of chemical weapons in the world ourselves. Remotely controlled drones killing terrorists (and a fair amount of innocent civilians) in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and God only knows where else, gives the USA very little moral high ground and absolutely disqualifies us from any position of leadership in the world. Particularly when we conveniently looked the other way because it suited our schemes in the region when Saddam Hussein used the same poisonous gas in the Iraq-Iran war and against the Kurds in his own country.

President Obama

He stole my lunch money again!

Let me make this perfectly fucking clear: Our less savory actions on the global political stage has come back to bite us in the ass. And I say that as a patriot. Fuck that; I don’t even know what a patriot is anymore. The word is so over-used that it’s become as meaningless and empty as the “God bless America” that every politician throws in to conclude their speeches, or the automatic “how are you?” I get from the checkout lady at the supermarket. She doesn’t really care how I feel. She has enough with her own problems, like trying to make a living on minimum wage.


The Rise and Fall of Modern Civilization – A Timeline

Negro slaves > Gospel & Blues > The birth of Rock & Roll > Late 60s, the 70s: The Golden Age of Rock & Roll > January 1st, 1980: total, enduring eclipse of the sun/the day the music died > Ronald Reagan, Wal-Mart, Billy Idol, Hip-Hop, AIDS, hair bands, grunge, 9/11, GWB, Afghanistan & Iraq, World Financial Collapse, Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum, Occupy Wall Street > ?

Pissing On The Taliban

This one got me a new fan on HuffPo, so I’ll repost it here.

Soldiers from times immemorial have been hired and trained by chieftains­, kings, popes and government­s to act inhumanely and kill. That’s their job. When the fighting is done and the dust settles we shouldn’t be too upset if they let off a little steam by pissing on the enemy they just killed. Purely a symbolic gesture. It goes with the territory. Instead of showing fake moral indignatio­n, we should concentrat­e our focus on not getting involved in so many wars in the first place. *That’s* the true insult to human decency.