My Asshole Nephew

Here’s a picture of a “prank” my 20-something nephew played on his mother and posted on Facebook. Had he been my kid he’d be sleeping in the barn for the next week and eating the same food as the llamas.

Personal info and names withheld to protect the innocent and the guilty.

ashole nephew

Remember, once you post it, it stays up forever.

Stock Image Annoyance

I found a place that sells some nice stock images that I might want to use for whatever purpose. Unfortunately a lot of them come as hi-res .jpgs (i.e. not layered) making it impossible to separate the image from the unwanted background (or I would have to manually cut the image from the background which in most cases would be very difficult and not yield a good result. Why not just have an option to buy the image (even at a reasonably higher price) as a layered .psd file, that way the customer (me) gets what he wants, is much happier and buys more images. It’s called win-win-win!

Let me repeat this: On an otherwise really nice image, sometimes the background makes it totally unusable. The name of said company is (uh-uh, no free links!).

And So It Begins – News From My Inbox

I received this email from Midway USA today, one of the country’s largest online dealers of everything related to firearms, and of whom I am a customer:

Connecticut Public Act 13-220

Dear Lars,
On April 4, 2013, Connecticut Public Act 13-220 was signed into law by Governor Malloy. Among other things, this law implements licensing requirements for the sale of all magazines and ammunition beginning October 1, 2013. In order to be compliant with the new law on its effective date, we will be restricting the sale of all ammunition and magazines to Connecticut beginning September 17, 2013. This allows for all in transit products to arrive in Connecticut by the law’s effective date.
In order for any existing backorders to release and to continue purchasing magazines or ammunition after this date, you must be the holder of one of the following permits/certificates: CT Carry Permit, Eligibility Certificate, Long Gun Eligibility Certificate or Ammunition Certificate. Additionally, one of these must be on file with your MidwayUSA account.
The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) is responsible for the administration of the permits and certificates listed above. Please visit the DESPP website for instructions and many of the necessary forms to apply:
If you have already submitted one of these documents to MidwayUSA, no further action is necessary.
If you have not obtained one of these documents, we encourage you to do so. Once obtained, please email ( or fax (1-800-992-8312) a copy to us along with a government-issued photo ID and we will update your account to prevent any disruption in our ability to serve you.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your business.
Customer Service

I’m including this pop song from 1970s Scottish heart-throbs pop band Bay City Rollers as a sarcastic post script. Figure it out if you can. If not, no biggie. And yes, I’m embarrassed to admit that I have this album in original vinyl


A while a go I made a long post that I accidentally deleted prior to publishing. I’m not gonna try to repeat it word by word (to much work and besides, my memory is starting to go). Basically it was just an update on ammo availability locally and on the Internet and some chosen comments in that regard.

Self-defense ammo seems to be in plentiful supply, but who can afford to practice with ammo well over a dollar pr/bang for any length of time? Plinking ammo still suffers from the shortage, although things are getting better.

Local independent gun shops are starting to get some stuff in here in the north-east. I shoot .380 ACP, 9mm, 38. Special, .357 Magnum and .22 LR with 9mm eating up most of my ammo budget. Of these calibers the only one I absolutely haven’t been able to find is .22 LR which sucks, because it was pennies/shot. The local shops around my neck of the woods will mostly (but not all) take advantage of the shortage and fuck the customer. When (if?) the situation returns to normal I will return the favor by taking my business elsewhere. I will gladly drive 50 miles to do business with a nice guy than with the dickhead down the road,

You can pretty much get anything you want on the Internet now (unless you live in NYC, Chicago and parts of  Massachusetts and California if I’m not mistaken). The AR/AK crowd doesn’t seem to have anything to worry about at the moment besides Dianne Feinstein and possibly price. I don’t have a long gun so I’m not paying attention, but I see ads everywhere. Is $400 + shipping for 1,000 rounds of TulAmmo steel cased .223 reasonable? Online I’ve had good experience with Lucky Gunner. The best price for factory new 9mm ammo I’ve been able to find as of writing this post is Blazer Brass at $360/1,000 rounds (plus a somewhat hefty shipping fee) which is considerably down from the peak, but still about $160 more than pre 12-14-12. They also sell factory reloads at a slightly lower price.

9mm blazer brass

I’ve also shopped a lot at Natchez Shooters Supplies and have received very good service, prices and shipping considering the panic.

The cheapest way to get ammo is still at Wal-Mart (biggest retailer of ammo in America which really irks the fucking shit out of me because I think Wal-Mart and other mega chains built around the same business model are ruining the fabric of America). It’s the luck of the draw if they have anything on their shelves, however, but their prices are the same as they were before before Sandy Hook. Oh yeah, and they’ll only sell you three boxes per day. But that’s fair enough I guess, giving everybody a chance to get some. There are 5 WMs within reasonable driving distance from where I live, so if I hit the jackpot I can I can get 15 boxes (don’t matter if it’s 25 or 100 rounds/box; they count boxes, not rounds) on a road-trip, 30 if I bring along the wife. On the other hand I could also end up empty-handed. Such is life.

The moral of the story is if you’re out shopping anyway, whether it is at Wal-Mart or some other place that doesn’t steal the shirt off your back, buy a few boxes, even if you don’t need any at the moment,  that way you will always have a small stash for the next time the shit hits the fan. And it will

Also, support your local gun shop (if he isn’t a price gouging asshole). Drop by, have a chat, buy something even if you don’t need it, like some cleaning supplies or whatnot. It’s getting harder by the day for these guys to stay in business and we need them.


I just was finishing up a really long post and the fucking computer crashed on me. I fucking HATE it when that shit happens!

angry smiley








I’ll see if I can recreate it by memory soon. It was a public service announcement for shooting folk and I thought it was really good,

Amazon T-Shirt Size Confusion

I recently purchased a t-shirt on Amazon. Upon receiving the order details via email, I noticed that they had sent a different size than what I ordered. I proceeded to call customer service to correct the transaction. Alas, it was already shipped and too late to cancel.

The nice lady said she would issue a refund and place an order for the size I wanted. I would have to refuse acceptance of the original order (meaning I would have to stand lookout for the FedEx truck), or return it myself (on my dime), or be charged for both shirts.

After some thought this is just getting too complicated. If I’m lucky enough to catch the FedEx truck I’ll have to run inside and compare order numbers while he’s waiting to make sure I refuse acceptance of the correct unwanted shirt. I’ll just keep both shirts, hoping at least one fits. At $18 it ain’t worth the hassle.

By the way, take a look at the size offerings below and tell me which one you would choose without any additional info about the actual physical measurements of the shirts. “Medium Youth” seems kinda vague to me.

Blah! Life is short enough as it is.












Psst! Don’t tell Marianne, it’s a birthday gift for her. 45. Old.

Marketing Bullshit

Two loaves of bread only $5.00. One loaf $2.50. Who do they think they’re fooling?

The price of bread is steady.

Jesus fed 5,000 people with five of these and a couple herring (Matthew 14:13-21) . Super Stop & Shop is trying to best him with marketing tomfoolery, counting on me not having math skills. Well, I wasn’t educated in America, so the joke’s on them! Picture credit: Google.

WordPress Theme Annoyance

Every time there is an official update to WordPress, they also launch a new “official” theme, this time “Twenty Thirteen“. Without exception the CSS and formatting of the new theme breaks the current look of your website in one way or another and you have to go through each and every post and reformat as necessary to make sure it doesn’t look stupid. Alternatively re-code the CSS file to where it’s usable again (which they shouldn’t have changed in the first place!). This annoys the living piss out of me! I can stick with Twenty Eleven (which I will), but potentially miss out on some new functionality, or “upgrade” to the newer theme and go through the hassle of making everything look pretty.

Example of what I’m talking about: In Twenty Eleven H1 looks just like bolded regular text. In Twenty Thirteen H1 is HUUUGE, probably 36 pt. In this “new & improved” theme the images that you so painstakingly have positioned are rattled around. In Twenty Twelve If you have set a featured image it shows by default before the text of the post, but not in Twenty Eleven or Twenty Thirteen.

Otherwise WP is a decent product that is now becoming more complicated and unpredictable than I think it was originally intended to be. 😐

Yesterday A Royal Baby Was Born In England

For those of you who were passed out in a drug induced coma yesterday, or were otherwise mentally incapacitated and unable to follow the news, a royal baby was born in England to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, otherwise known as Prince William and the former commoner, now his wife, Duchess Catherine (commonly known as Kate Middleton or just Kate from the block). The baby is apparently healthy and is possibly the most privileged child in the world. If everything goes according to plan he will ascend the British throne to reign over his subjects in 40-50 years’ time. “Reign” and “subjects” are not used flippantly; this is actually how it works in England.

The world went completely, certifiably apeshit over the event. I, personally, am totally and utterly flabbergasted with the obsession people have for the barbaric, archaic, positively medieval institution of monarchy, particularly the British variety, which is hereditary (duh!) in nature and a person, thus, by virtue of the arbitrariness of his/her parents becomes England’s official head of state, armed forces and the Anglican church. The child also inherits vast fortunes in money as well as real estate. Below is a video of the Town Crier(!) outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London announcing the birth to the public. It is comical and nonsensical beyond belief. These people act as if they still have an empire.

EDIT: Turns out this guy wasn’t for real after all. He just showed up on his own initiative at the hospital doing his spiel as the town crier. He makes a living entertaining at weddings, birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs and such.

Also, but not in the news, yesterday, roughly 370,000 children were born worldwide, most of them into lives of poverty and misery. Approximately 21,000 children died, many from easily preventable diseases, malnutrition or as victims of war, terrorism and other forms of abuse. God save the Queen. Thoughts and prayers, anyone?

To Serve And Protect – And Kill Pooches For No Good Reason

Of all the possible ways this could have been handled by the cops, I can’t think of a anything worse than what actually happened. At no point was the dog aggressive or the police in danger. And they say regular people (citizens) have no need to be armed. With cops like this, who needs enemies? We’re edging closer to a police state by the day. WARNING: Disturbing content. Read the whole story at The Huffington Post.