OGNDY Makes Poetry – The Ballad Of Debbie Fry – Draft

© OGNDY March 2023

Debbie strong, Debbie rules
Debbie take no shit from fools
Debbie got her own agenda
Even when she’s on a benda

Jeepster on the cross repenta!*

Debbie fuck whom Debbie please
Boy or girl just fine with her
Bats and pigs, ungodly sleaze
Yeast infection, princely piss

Who gives a fuck, it’s only jizz!*

Günter, glieben, tittie squeeze
Stranger pride gone off the ride
Agents of the pungent cheese
You can run, but you can’t hide!

Clever line that rhymes with hide!*

Speech is action, hate and greed
1st and 2nd reimagined
Skin of color, skin of bleach
Herr Präsident: we must impeach!

Clever line that rhymes with peach!*

Debbie fearful, Debbie blue
Debbie sad the world came true
She no wanna play more ball
Debbie say go fuck y’er all!

Final line that rhymes with small!*

* Bold italics: Instruments cut out. Deep growl, spoken. Plenty echo. Rinse, repeat.

NOTE: There’s a rhythm and a groove going on that I don’t know how to annotate (it’s a heavy blues tune). Hang in there and I’ll put up a demo. Or die trying.

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