MUST HAVES (to give my life purpose)

  • $80 Glarry Telecaster (to find out if I can even relearn to play at 1977 level and also use as an experimental modding platform). Check!*
  • A 5-gallon bucket full of Telecaster hardware & electronics. Check!*
  • Basic practice amp Check!*
  • Tube amp/combo
  • Nice modeling amp(?)
  • Something nicer T-style Check!*
  • Something nicer S-style
  • EVH Standard Check!*
  • Something nice (Shecter Omen Extreme-6 Check!*).
  • Something ES 335ish Check!*
  • A bass
  • Basic tools for guitar setup and maintenance Check!*
  • Some basic pedals
  • Electronic drum kit
  • Keyboard/MIDI controller
  • Basic recording equipment incl. mics, interface & software Check!*
  • Learn how to make guitars

* All checked items are currently in a warehouse in Newtown, CT, USA (10.23.2021). <extremely_sadface>

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