Winter Prep Ford Explorer Day 3

Compounding and polishing 1-0-1

Yesterday I did the hood of the car according to my original three-step plan (actually four): 1. Attacking RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) with a specialty fast-cutting Flash Pad from CarPro and Menzerna FG 400 compound; 2. general compounding with the same Menzerna FG 400 on a white Lake Country CCS foam pad; 3. CarPro Reflect polish on a gray Lake Country CCS (all steps so far using the Flex 3401 dual action polisher); and finally 4. glossing it all out with Menzerna SF 4500 ultra-fine polish on a Lake Country Gold jewelling pad.

That was the plan. And I abandoned it pretty fast. Because I’m not that much of a fucking masochist.

I ended up doing a two-step, and even single-step with lighter polishes/finer pads on most of the car using the Harbor Freight DA polisher, only using the Flex with the Flash Pad where I found unacceptable RIDS, and on horizontal surfaces.


Rather than bore you to death with the details, I made a video diary of Day 3. It’s really not that informative (OK, it’s not informative at all), but it does give you an indication of my work ethics and dedication to perfection. Forgive the quality; it’s shot on a low-end smart phone and I spent all day today (today being 10-13-15) editing and putting it together with a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro. And I do not know how to use Adobe Premiere Pro. A big thanks to all the people who post Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials on YouTube; I couldn’t have done it without you!

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