Maintenance Wash Marianne’s 2014 Hyundai Tuscon

Car very lightly soiled. Deemed appropriate for the “Garry Dean Wash Method” (outlined below).

Removed loose surface dust with very light use of a California duster.

Presoaked with a solution of 1 oz. Optimum No Rinse (ONR) diluted in 0.5 gallons of warm water. Applied with electric pump sprayer. This was almost enough to cover the entire car plus wheel wells. Suggest increase to 0.75 gallons.

Washed car with 10 microfiber towels soaked in a solution 1 oz. Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax (ONR-WW) diluted in 1.5 gallons warm water.

Presoaked and wiped down one panel at a time following the natural panel sections of the car. Wheels and wheel wells were done last.

The Garry Dean Wash Method (GDWM) works as follows:

  • Presoak panel.
  • Wipe down panel with towel dripping wet with wash solution. Discard towel.
  • Dry off panel with wrung-out, barely moist towel.
  • Buff to a shine with dry towel.
  • Proceed to next panel.

To test out several different Last Step Products/Protectants (LSPs) the car was divided thusly1 into sections and the following products applied with a microfiber towel and buffed.

A total of 28 towels were used. This may seem excessive, but towels are cheap and paint is expensive. The mantra is “If in doubt, you know what!”.

  1. I know it hurts, but I insist on “thusly”.

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