Bodybuilding Is A Beauty Contest For Macho Pretty Boys

I just had an epiphany that bodybuilding isn’t a sport, but a pageant in which you have to work hard as an athlete and take a lot of illegal performance enhancing drugs to succeed. How profoundly deep is that?

I know, some of you will probably protest my use of “Macho” and “Boys” in the heading, implying I’m sexist, and you would be right. Girls/women shouldn’t be bodybuilders; it ain’t sexy.

female bodybuilder

Each to his own, but this doesn’t rock my boat.

2 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Is A Beauty Contest For Macho Pretty Boys

  1. She looks like a black and stronger version of Aileen Wournos, doesn’t she? Truly a monster, ha-ha!

    PS: Lars, don’t forget to check your “Other” folder on Facebook by the way.

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