Tom Platz – King Of Quads – Before And Now

From a bygone era before excessive drug use, corporate greed, chain gyms and “personal trainers” (give them a wiiide berth) ruined the sport. Yeah, “the good old days”, I said it! Nobody has even come close to Tom Platz in quad development. Nobody ever will. Major inspiration. Was then. Is now. Always will be.

Even though there always has been a little bit of doping in the sport, at least since the mid-sixties, it was still a genuine sport and culture of body perfection. Lee Haney was the last “real” Mr Olympia. Everything since has been chemical freakoids more suited for a zoo exhibition or a horror movie than a gym or a bodybuilding podium.

Tom Platz then and now.

The good old days. Picture credit: Google image search.

1 thought on “Tom Platz – King Of Quads – Before And Now

  1. amazing to see the old master can still mix it with these young lads(at least in the leg department)watched your career from day dot.what an inspiration youve been for thousands of young blokes over the decades.keep them wheels pumping

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