Pig Snout Glock 19 Fix

I didn’t even know of this condition until I saw a video on YouTube that some Glocks suffer from a cosmetic problem known as “pig snout”, where the polymer dust cover under the barrel turns up due to heat from firing (supposedly) creating a snouty look to the firearm.

I checked out my own Glock 19, and sure enough, it had the upturned nose. I had never noticed it before, it doesn’t affect the functionality of the weapon, but once I became aware of it, I knew I just had to do something about it. I just couldn’t live with my Glock being that way.

I used a common heating gun that you can buy in any hardware store on the lowest setting to heat up the dust cover, and then pressed it against a hard wooden cutting block to straighten out the curve. CAUTION: It does NOT take a lot of heat to make the polymer pliable enough to achieve a good result. It’s also important to apply even pressure so the gap between slide and frame is equal on both sides.

Glock 19 before corrective pig snout treatment.


Glock 19 after corrective pig snout treatment.



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