Douchebag Doctors

I fucking hate it when I call a doctor’s office (a mid-sized operation¬† with several physicians averaging seventy patients/day, Family Health Care Associates in Shelton, CT, to be specific) and I get a machine that says “the office is at lunch” with no further info as to when it might be a good time to try calling again, and then your call is redirected to an answering service. This in the middle of perfectly normal Wednesday.

You would think with the cost of healthcare these days, and with the scrutiny currently being levied on the industry that someone would take a break from picking their noses and scratching their asses long enough to PICK UP THE GODDAMN FUCKING PHONE!

Two thumbs down for Family Health Care Associates in Shelton, Connecticut!

1 thought on “Douchebag Doctors

  1. The whole healthcare system is so screwed up, from top to bottom, it’s unbelieveable. No wonder we pay so much for it. I bet you if you ask anybody, they would have had the same experience at some point, with some doctors office. I don’t understand how a business can work like that, cause that’s what it is, a business.

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