I’m thinking maybe I should resurrect Same shit, new and extended packaging. A complete CMS w/message board, user-and self-generated articles, plus content aggregated from across the web (AKA as “theft”, but everybody does it, including the big guys, so it must be OK). Show of hands, waddayall think? I already own the license for the message board, but will have to shell out a few hundred extra for the complete CMS (if I decide to go with a platform I’m familiar with, i.e. vBulletin). I could also go with something completely free and open source such as Joomla, but I’d have to learn how to use it and also dig around the web for plugins and extensions to get all the functionality I want.

Now I really regret taking down the original ChopDewey without saving the email list, since I had so many friends there I’d like to contact and invite should my new project come to life (that was an insider joke).

7 thoughts on “CHOPDEWEY.COM

  1. I’m tired to be dead!

    Resurrect me already or else I’m gonna turn into a huge brawny zombie pig and eat your brain. Even the dead can lose their patience, y’know…

  2. Man, I’d love for the forum to come back. Started working out again after a MTB break for a couple of years. Definitely have some questions for some of my old friends on the board.

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