New Year’s Wishes To Obama

Here’s my New Year’s greeting the the Prez:

I voted for you in 2008 and will do so again in 2012, but only because you’re the lesser of the evils we get to choose from. In fact I may opt out of the election completely. You had me fooled for a while with the whole “Change” and “Yes, we can” thing. You’re a corporate stooge like the rest of ’em.

Lars Dahl

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1 thought on “New Year’s Wishes To Obama

  1. I’m not quite as strict, but not far from it. Let’s face it, what can he do without majority and the other side blocking things they have earlier suggested just because he now agrees. What a fucking joke the whole system is. Democracy my ass. And the balls to “spread democracy around the world”. A hard look at home would be a much better idea.

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